H&W Dispensary announces lower prices for medical marijuana patients

After an early morning press conference today with Illera Holistic Health, H&W Dispensary, the state-authorized medical marijuana pharmacy in New Orleans, has announced that effective immediately, the dispensary will reduce their retail prices by 25%.

From the press release:

“Since the start of the Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program in August 2019, patients have acknowledged the effectiveness of the products but have also expressed concern regarding the affordability of the products. As a result, H&W will reduce its prices in an effort to allow more patients across the region to benefit from this therapy.”

Other price reductions in the works

In addition to price reductions from H&W Dispensary, the state-authorized medical marijuana pharmacy in Monroe, Delta Medmar, has also promised to reduce their retail prices.

For a list of state-authorized pharmacies, please visit the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy website.

If you have one of the qualifying medical conditions and you are searching for a physician in Louisiana who is licensed by the state to recommend medical marijuana, please contact The Healing Clinics to get started.