FAQ. Find answers for the most commonly asked questions about medical marijuana, therapeutic cannabis, and The Healing Clinics.

Do any locations of The Healing Clinics have medical marijuana on site?

No. We do not provide the product. You will have to visit a dispensary licensed in the State of Louisiana to purchase the product.

Can you recommend medical marijuana in smokable form?

No. The product cannot be dispensed in smokable form, according to Louisiana law.

What if I have multiple qualifying conditions?

More than one qualifying condition is acceptable.

Do you take insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover medical marijuana.

I'm a veteran. Can I get a discount?

Yes. Discounts are available forĀ U.S. military veterans.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. The Healing Clinics does accept credit cards.

Where do I go to get the recommendation filled?

You may choose any licensed dispensary in the State of Louisiana to fill your recommendation.

When will product be ready?

The product will be available soon. Dispensaries are working diligently to open in your area as soon as possible.