Two-thirds of Louisiana Voters are for legalizing marijuana

Louisiana has a reputation for being a conservative state, and that is especially true if social or lifestyle issues are involved.

Regarding fully legalizing marijuana in the state, two-thirds of Louisiana voters—including a majority of Republicans—are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by JMC Enterprises of Louisiana, found that support for the reforms has increased significantly since the last time voters were polled on the issue. Sixty-seven percent of respondents now say they back legalizing cannabis for both medicinal and recreational uses in the latest poll compared to 54 percent last year.

Sixteen percent of participants said that they only want marijuana legalized for medical purposes, while just eight percent said both forms should be illegal.

As is traditionally the case, Democrats are more likely to support legalizing for adult-use as well as medical (67 percent), compared to Republicans (58 percent). Young voters are especially for legalization, with 93 percent saying people should be able to use cannabis for medical and recreational use.

Voters were also asked about a policy where “instead of criminal penalties for marijuana possession, you only had to pay a fine.” About half of the respondents said they would still prefer full legalization of marijuana to the decriminalization model, compared to 27 percent who said they’d back simply removing criminal penalties for possession instead of enacting legalization.

Overall, JMC reports three main takeaways from the polling data collected: (1) Public opinion about marijuana usage continues to trend in the direction of less restrictions, (2) this strong support for relaxing marijuana laws is consistent across nearly every identifiable demographic group, and (3) any differences in opinion there are primarily driven by the age of the respondent.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how medical marijuana might be included in your treatment plan, please contact The Healing Clinics to get started. To view all the polling information from JMC, you can view the results here.