Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana

FAQ Marijuana • Frequently Asked Questions

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Do any of The Healing Clinics locations have marijuana on site?

No. We do not provide the product. You will have to visit a dispensary licensed in the State of Louisiana to purchase the product.

Can The Healing Clinics recommend marijuana in smokeable form?

Yes! Our physicians can recommend marijuana flower. Medical marijuana is also available in a variety of forms. Contact our office for more information.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover medical marijuana.

Do you offer discounts to veterans?

Yes. Discounts are available for U.S. Military veterans.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. The Healing Clinics does accept credit cards. We also accept debit cards. And, for your convenience, we also offer payments online. Just click the button after you fill out your forms. 

Where do I go to get the recommendation filled?

Your doctor at The Healing Clinics will fax your recommendation to the dispensary of your choice.

I'm approved for medical marijuana. Now what?

Once you’re approved, the dispensary will take it from there. Most dispensaries in Louisiana will contact you after the staff at The Healing Clinics has faxed your recommendation to them.

Can I try cannabis if I'm in pain management?

Your pain management physician makes the decision if it is okay for you to add medical marijuana to your treatment regime. Please check with your pain management physician first to determine if medical marijuana would be a good fit for you.

On our website, we offer guidance that might help.
We are also happy to reach out to your pain management physician to discuss your treatment options.