Out of State

Whether you’re visiting Louisiana from out of state and want to use the dispensaries here or you’re a participant in the Louisiana Medical Marijuana program planning on visiting another state, it’s smart to be prepared! Laws vary from state to state, so be sure to do your research before you travel.

Take a look at these handy references and be ready for your next trip!

Visiting Louisiana from out of state

Louisiana map

If you are a current patient with an out-of-state medical marijuana card visiting Louisiana, you can search for the Louisiana dispensary closest to you and call them for specific details about how to use your current state’s medical marijuana card in Louisiana.

Louisiana passed a law in August of 2022 that allows out of state medical marijuana patients to purchase their products in Louisiana while they are visiting.

For your convenience we have a list of all the designated dispensaries in Louisiana on this website. Click the button to take a look. 

Louisiana medical marijuana patients visiting other states

If you are a current patient in the Louisiana medical marijuana program and you are traveling outside the state, you can search the state where you’re traveling for instructions on what will be required. Contact them to find out if you can use your Louisiana recommendation to purchase and consume medical marijuana in their state.


If you are traveling with your medical marijuana products or if you intend to purchase medical marijuana products in another state and bring them back to Louisiana, please be aware that, because marijuana is still federally illegal, it is illegal to cross state lines with any kind of medical marijuana. State laws only protect you while you are within state borders. 

Traveling with marijuana


Nearby neighbor Arkansas allows participants in the Louisiana medical marijuana program to be a visiting patient in Arkansas and buy from their dispensaries. There’s a small fee of $50 involved and the registration is good for 90 days after approval. Allow about 14 days for processing the application. In addition, the condition the patient has must match a condition approved for treatment in Arkansas. Click the button to find out more, view approved conditions, and submit an application. 

Reciprocity and Medical Marijuana

States where medical marijuana is legal

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 22, 2022. Any state followed by “Rec” has legalized recreational marijuana. Anyone over 21 can purchase and consume products while within their state lines. Any state followed by “MM” has legalized medical marijuana. These states require a physician to authorize or “recommend” medical marijuana products for specific conditions that, in their medical opinion, would be helped by adding it to their treatment plan.  Other states (not listed) offer Compassionate Use of medical marijuana. They haven’t actually legalized it like in other states, but some patients can still get it in special cases. For example, Texas has specific conditions that patients who are Texas residents can obtain medical marijuana products legally. 

As already stated, laws change frequently, so be sure to double-check before traveling to a state that may have had a change in its laws.

Alabama MM
Alaska MM, Rec
Arizona MM, Rec
Arkansas MM
California MM, Rec
Colorado MM, Rec
Connecticut MM, Rec
Deleware MM
District of Columbia MM
Florida MM
Georgia MM
Hawaii MM
Idaho MM
Illinois MM Rec
Indiana MM
Iowa MM
Kansas MM
Kentucky MM
Louisiana MM
Maine MM, Rec
Massachusetts Rec
Michigan Rec
Montana Rec
Nevada Rec
Nebraska MM
New Jersey Rec
New Mexico Rec
New York Rec
North Carolina MM
Oregon Rec
Rhode Island Rec
South Carolina MM
Tennessee MM
Vermont Rec
Virginia Rec
Washington Rec
Wyoming MM

MM = Medical Marijuana legal; Rec = Recreational legal