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Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

Louisiana’s medical marijuana program has seen MANY changes over the years. The Healing Clinics, LLC has been providing medical evaluations for patients seeking medical marijuana as an alternative for their debilitating medical condition since the inception of the program in Louisiana.

Louisiana law now allows any physician to write the recommendations for medical marijuana. However, many physicians have questions and concerns about medical marijuana and we hope we can answer some of those questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A physician must have a schedule 1 CDS license (obtained from the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy)
You MUST notify your malpractice carrier if you plan to write medical marijuana to ensure you will be covered for any claims. Not all malpractice carriers provide coverage to physicians writing medical marijuana, so please be sure and check with your malpractice carrier before you write a recommendation for medical marijuana.
Because marijuana is still federally illegal, physicians must let their banking institution know if they are collecting monies for marijuana in their regular medical practice. Typically, these funds cannot be co-mingled and banks have the right to freeze your assets held in their bank if you do co-mingle funds collected from medical marijuana evaluations. Be sure to check with your banking institution prior to co-mingling funds collected for a marijuana evaluation.
Usually, but contact your carrier to confirm.
Not usually. Because of the Federal illegality, you may have to find a new credit card processor for payments related to marijuana.

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