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February 25, 2022 0 Comments

Why it’s time to start a grassroots movement for medical marijuana in Louisiana

Grassroots movements have been around almost as long as humans have roamed the earth in groups. One voice can get some attention, but a group of unified voices can move mountains.


The next time you’re in a crowd, look around. The faces you see have likely never been on a magazine cover or a late-night talk show. They are regular Jane’s and Joe’s, going about their daily business. They are a group of individuals. But, when those regular people unite in a common cause with a common voice, they become the most powerful force on earth and a most uncommon thing happens. They can make change that previously seemed impossible.

Throughout history, the voice of the people has shouted more than once — demanding equality, justice, and action. The most successful grassroots movements start at a local level and build out to cover cities, then regions, then the states, and even the entire country.

In 1920, the Suffragettes got women the right to vote, adding the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. In the 1950s, the Civil Rights Movements began to change the inequality that Black Americans faced. The non-violent methods of protest, writings, and speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr. have gone down in history as some of the most eloquent expressions of equality ever created. By the late 1960s, national leaders embraced racial equality and began to put laws and measures into place to make changes that we still have today. More recently, in 2017, the #MeToo movement began with just the single voice of activist Tarana Burke and soon became a battle cry of protest against the sexual abuse of women. It offered solidarity to women who had suffered abuse and brought some perpetrators to justice. It also led to laws banning nondisclosure agreements that prevent women from seeking help, established the Time’s Up legal fund to help women who have been sexually abused seek justice, created protections for independent contractors on the state level, and even Congress has taken steps to create a safe work environment for women working in our federal government.


Rather than money, the power of grassroots movements comes from their ability to harness the effort of ordinary people whose shared sense of justice and knowledge about a given issue can be used to influence policymakers. It can be more powerful than financial support and more effective than even the wealthiest individuals attempting to make an impact alone.

Anyone in the medical marijuana industry in Louisiana — from patients to physicians, growers, and dispensaries — knows that there are gaps and a lot of room for improvement. A grassroots movement for Medical Marijuana in Louisiana could offer reform and new measures that could help everyone and make medical marijuana in our state more affordable, more accessible, and free of fear from incrimination.

The first step is to decide what you want as a group. This typically focuses on laws and reaching policymakers to change those laws. For medical marijuana in Louisiana, the focus could be on these areas:

  1. Decriminalization and Expungement – This means that simple possession would no longer be illegal in the state of Louisiana and that anyone with a record of simple possession would have their record expunged so that there would be no future impact on their employment, voting rights, etc.
  2. Accessibility – Currently, there are nine dispensaries allowed in the state of Louisiana designated by districts. Expanding the number of dispensary locations, allowing shipping within the state, and keeping local delivery and telehealth legal even after COVID would open doors for usage to those unable to physically travel to a physician for their care and a dispensary for their products.
  3. Affordability – While not just limited to marijuana, the affordability of medicine should be something given to all citizens. Changing laws to impact affordability will expand the reach of this medicine to more people who could benefit from it.


A grassroots movement can start with a small group of people sharing a common vision. Getting the word out to fellow supporters and organizing meetings, rallies, and gatherings can help grow the movement and reach policymakers. Here are seven steps to get you started.

  1. Communicate – After you decide what change you want to initiate, communicate your message through social media and networks already working towards change or who may align with your goals. Ask for people who support your goals to join the movement.
  2. Build it to three – once you have three members, you’re ready to start spreading the word (that’s right, just three).
  3. Create leaders – Your founding members are your leaders. They will show others what you’re trying to accomplish and what you want to change with your grassroots movement. Make sure you’re clear on those things before you train your leaders. “We’re told we should all be leaders. [But] That would be really ineffective,” according to entrepreneur and 2010 TED Speaker Derek Sivers. “If you really care about starting a movement, have the courage to follow, and show others how to follow.”
  4. Let it fly – Once you’ve firmly established your goals and created leaders, let the movement spread on its own. Encourage followers to contact their local and state representatives to express their stance on medical marijuana in Louisiana. (Find your representative:
  5. Summon your passion – If you’re passionate about the movement, don’t let problems stop you. Go over, around, under, or wherever you need to go to get around them.
  6. Offer resources and support – Once you’ve started to build your network, offer support and resources to followers of the movement so growth can continue.
  7. Boots on the Ground – Get in touch with your community. That might be through local media, events, canvasing neighborhoods, or passing out flyers and informational material in high traffic areas.


Do you want to help at a community event or is there an event you think the message of medical marijuana might be well received? Let us know and we’ll help you prepare and even help you set up and provide things like signs, table covers, and literature to get the attention of event attendees.

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