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March 18, 2022 0 Comments

The Latest from Louisiana 2022 Regular Legislative Session

The Louisiana 2022 Regular Legislative Session is active and will last through June 6th, 2022 but updates are already being published about the latest in marijuana legislation.

One of the proposed legislation would increase the number of cultivation and pharmacy licenses in the state and allow nurse practitioners to recommend medical cannabis to patients, among other provisions, according to a WVUE report.

Louisiana’s two licensed cultivators, Southern University and LSU have partnered with Ilera Holistic Healthcare and Good Day Farm to grow medical cannabis for the state’s patients.

According to the Medical Marijuana Legislative Study Commission, Louisiana has the fewest cultivation licenses and the highest prices for medical marijuana in the U.S. Additional growers could help to lower pricing and provide additional product sources so that supply and demand are leveled out. Dispensaries often run out of some forms due to lack of supply.

Another bill is seeking to expand the number of medical pharmacies in the state, which will hopefully provide more accessibility to patients. New Orleans Representative Candace Newell has proposed 10 cannabis production facilities to be operated in Louisiana.

Additional Bills, like HB 700  “Provides relative to penalties for possession of marijuana for people under the age of 18” and SB 221 that “Provides relative to resentencing of persons convicted of certain marijuana offenses” are also to be considered during this session.

Click here for a list of items related to marijuana in Louisiana.

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