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March 19, 2024 0 Comments

What Would You Ask Louisiana Legislators?

If you had the ear of the Louisiana Legislature for five minutes, what would you ask? Several pieces of legislation are already being discussed in the 2024 Regular Session, so now is the time to make your voice heard. In this article, we’ll cover what legislation is being reviewed, what the current status is as of this writing, and how to contact your representatives.

Pending Medical Marijuana Bills

There are currently 11 bills pending that include considerations for the medical marijuana program in Louisiana. Of those, the following are included:

HB313 – Regarding employment discrimination against employees of privately owned businesses based on their legal use of medical marijuana. Status: Pending House Labor and Industrial Relations. Read More.

HB165 – Would redefine laws pertaining to drug paraphernalia so that any used with medical marijuana would not be considered illegal. Status: Pending House Administration of Criminal Justice. Read More.

HB391  To provide that persons convicted of certain offenses for possession of marijuana shall be eligible for pardon by the governor without the requirement of completion of sentence and without recommendation to the Board of Pardons. Status: Pending House Administration of Criminal Justice. Read More.

SB158  Provides for the active, qualified [medical marijuana] patient count to be conducted and reviewed on a quarterly basis using the preceding twenty-four month period (changed from the original text of three months). Status: Pending Senate Health and Welfare. Read More.

HB54  Provides for the regulation of the cultivation, manufacture, and retail sale of cannabis and cannabis products. Additional definitions, requirements, and modifications from original text. Status: Pending House Judiciary. Read More.

How to Get in Touch with Your Representatives

You can find your representatives and let them know your thoughts on any of the pending bills or any legislative matter that concerns you. Click here to find your legislators.

Get Legal Louisiana

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Louisiana. Get legal now and contact The Healing Clinics about getting started on your healing journey. Click the button below to get started now or contact us at (318) 277-4088 or email us.