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July 2, 2023 0 Comments

Marijuana Do’s and Don’ts for the 4th of July in Louisiana

With the holiday coming up, it’s important to remember what you can do with cannabis in Louisiana. Here’s a quick list to refresh your memory and celebrate our independence with no interference.

1) While driving – You CAN have medical marijuana with you in your car, as long as it’s in the original packaging from the medical marijuana pharmacy and is sealed. You CAN’T consume marijuana while driving. To be safe, stow it in the glove compartment until you reach your destination. For those celebrating on the water, this goes for boats too. Anywhere the Coast Guard patrols, they will enforce federal laws.

2) In public – While there is currently no law that says you CAN’T consume medical marijuana in public, there are laws against smoking in general in certain areas. Just to be safe, avoid smoking medical marijuana in public areas where smoking is prohibited.

3) Edibles – If you’re planning a gathering at home for the 4th, feel free to take your gummies, mini-bars, or other edibles. But, keep the edibles out of reach of your guests, especially if there are children attending.

4) Fireworks – If your celebration includes fireworks, keep in mind that medical marijuana that contains THC can make you a less-than-desirable pyrotechnics expert. Leave the lighting of the fireworks to someone else and just enjoy the show.

5) Celebrate your freedom – The last few years have provided long-sought freedom when it comes to cannabis. Celebrate your freedom and stay safe out there!