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July 27, 2023 0 Comments

The 7 Most Googled Questions About Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

Google, the word that became not only a noun but also a verb and sometimes even an adjective. Most of us turn to Google first to search for the answers to our questions, including those about medical marijuana in Louisiana. However, while Google search can yield answers, the results can sometimes be filled with misinformation. Just to set the record straight, we’ve researched the 7 most Googled questions about medical marijuana and the answers for your handy reference.

Question 1: How hard is it to get medical marijuana in Louisiana?

Answer 1: The medical marijuana program in Louisiana is basically three steps: 1) Get an evaluation by a physician licensed by the state of Louisiana; 2) If approved, set an appointment with your selected dispensary for your initial consultation; and 3) Use your products as directed. That’s pretty easy.

Question 2: Do I qualify for medical marijuana in Louisiana?

Answer 2: This question is a result of the introductory laws for medical marijuana in Louisiana that required patients to provide medical records proving they had one of 16 qualifying conditions

However, since 2018 when those laws were passed, there have been updates as the medical marijuana program in Louisiana has grown and evolved. Now, any physician licensed by the state of Louisiana can write a recommendation for medical marijuana. Since it’s not yet been federally legalized, most doctors won’t write medical marijuana recommendations due to complications involving banking, hospital affiliations, and other issues that do not permit physicians to recommend it. The Healing Clinics, and others who specialize in medical marijuana, can write your recommendations if the physician feels it will help your condition.

Question 3: Is marijuana legal in Louisiana without a medical card?

Answer 3: As of this writing, there is no card system in Louisiana. You can identify yourself as being in the program by keeping products in the original packaging that has the label with your name. There are bills under consideration that could change that in the future since Louisiana is the only state that doesn’t require a medical marijuana card.

Question 4: How much does it cost to get a Louisiana medical marijuana card?

Answer 4: The Healing Clinics can provide your evaluation for $189 for one year of recommendations if you’re approved. They also offer a full refund if you don’t qualify. If you join with a friend, 12 months of recommendations are $164 each. Other options are available on a case-by-case basis. Once you have your recommendation, the cost for medical marijuana products is set by the 10 designated dispensaries. All the dispensaries/medical marijuana pharmacies have online shopping so be sure to shop around in advance to get the best price. There are no separate state fees as there are in some other states.

Question 5: Can you get fired for failing a drug test with a medical card in Louisiana?

Answer 5: State law prohibits a STATE employer from subjecting an employee or prospective employee to negative consequences based solely on a positive drug test for marijuana IF the subject of the test is a patient in the Louisiana medical marijuana program. For PRIVATE employees, the Louisiana legislature is considering changes in the law that offer the same protection state employees enjoy but, currently, these are not yet law. Even after these bills become law, safety-sensitive jobs such as truck drivers, equipment operators, or first responders will likely still not be protected.

Question 6: Is marijuana legal in Louisiana without a medical card?

Answer 6: Recreational marijuana is not legal in Louisiana. Only medical marijuana is legal. Again, no card is required in Louisiana but patients are advised to keep the product in the original packaging it was purchased in that has the label placed by the medical marijuana pharmacist. Being caught with recreational marijuana in Louisiana that’s less than 14 grams is punishable by a fine of no more than $100 and no threat of jail time. Possession of more than 14 grams of recreational marijuana and illegal distribution is punishable by up to 30 years in prison and from $500 to $50,000 in fines.

Question 7: Does Louisiana allow out-of-state medical marijuana purchases?

Answer 7: Louisiana passed a law in August of 2022 that allows out-of-state medical marijuana patients to purchase their products in Louisiana while they are visiting. To get short-term recommendations, The Healing Clinics can provide special pricing to patients visiting from out of state. It is recommended that you contact the pharmacy before traveling to confirm they will accept an out-of-state medical marijuana ID and to place your order. Contact The Healing Clinics if you need more information.

Any questions?

If you have more questions, you can come straight to the source for your answers. The Healing Clinics has medical marijuana specialists available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day and phones are answered 24/7. If you’re ready to have your medical marijuana evaluation, please click the button below to get started.