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April 19, 2024 0 Comments

What is 4/20?

What is 4/20? 4/20 is a date widely recognized as a counterculture holiday celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts. It is observed on April 20th (4/20 in the month/day format), and it has become associated with various activities related to cannabis consumption, advocacy, and culture.

Where Did 4/20 Start?

The origins of the term “4/20” are somewhat debated, but it is commonly believed to have originated in the 1970s. One popular theory suggests that a group of high school students in California used the code “4/20” as a shorthand for meeting at 4:20 p.m. to search for a rumored abandoned cannabis crop. Over time, “4/20” became associated with cannabis culture, and the date April 20th became a day for cannabis-related activities and events.

How to Celebrate 4/20 in Louisiana

On April 20th, cannabis enthusiasts may gather for social gatherings, rallies, concerts, or other events to celebrate cannabis culture and advocate for cannabis legalization. Some people also use the occasion to consume cannabis products, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. Additionally, April 20th has been recognized as a day for cannabis activism, with organizations and advocates using the date to raise awareness about cannabis policy reform and promote the benefits of cannabis legalization.

While “4/20” has its roots in counterculture and cannabis advocacy, it has grown into a widely recognized phenomenon, with celebrations and events taking place in various countries around the world. However, it’s important to note that cannabis laws vary by jurisdiction, and individuals should always be mindful of local regulations and consume cannabis responsibly and legally.

Events in Louisiana

Mid City Mid Fest: A 4:20 Celebration — Once Around the  Kitchen NOLA is scheduled for 20 Apr at  Bayou Wine Garden. Event address is 315 N Rendon, New Orleans, LA.

LOUD 4/20 Event Saturday, April 20 · 3 – 11:30pm CDT – No cover event celebrating music, food, culture, and cannabis. Dragon’s Den, 435 Esplanade Avenue New Orleans, LA 70116

Cannabis Cabaret April 20th, 7 to 9 p.m. – FoxyRose Productions Presents: Cannabis Cabaret. The AllWays Lounge & Cabaret. 2240 Saint Claude Avenue New Orleans, LA 70117

  • Please contact the venue to confirm the event time and location.

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